Keyworks: Mail-in Keys and Ecu Repair services

  Welcome to our online store for nationwide mail in repair of your automotive electronic control modules. Currently we only list the most common orders mailed to us but will be updating the site regularly. We work on all automotive modules (and even some non auto stuff) so if you do not see what you need, please justcontact us and we will add it.
Starting the Process:
Once you have come to the conclusion your module needs repair, please make the needed purchase from our store. The mailing address is provided after checkout. Please gently package your items, include your order number and the symptoms your suffering then ship to our shop via USPS, FED EX or UPS.

Module arrives to our shop:
Once your package is received work begins in the first 48 hours. Typically our total handling time for tesing and repairs is 1-3 days depeninding on your unit and issues you are having.  Our first look at your module includes:

  • Complete disassembly and visual inspection.
  • Full diagnostic functions test.
  • PCB Component level testing.

If for what ever reason your unit is faulty and not repairable we will issue you a full refund minus return shipping.
If your unit fails testing we will continue with the full repair of your module til all functions are tested and working correctly.
If your unit passes all testing with out needing repair, we will issue a refund minus our testing/return fee of $90-125 depending on module.